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Pet Dental Cleaning Services

The build up of plaque leading to tartar formation and gum infection is a common problem in dogs. If left untreated, these will result in the loosening and eventual loss of teeth. In addition, infected teeth and gums cause bad breath, pain and reluctance to eat. They also act as a source of infection leading to bacteria and toxins entering the blood stream and causing illness.

Plaque and Gum Disease

Stage 1 :

Plaque and calculus deposit on tooth, marginal gingivitis

Stage 2 :

Plaque and calculus extend down roots, pocket forms, gum recedes.

Stage 3 :

Plaque and calculus extend further, deepening pocket, more extensive bone reduction.

Stage 4 :

Extensive plaque and calculus, severe inflammation, severe bone and gum loss.

Benefits of Dental Services for Your Pet

When there is a build up of tartar or infection treatment will be required; When the build up of plaque has got beyond Stage 1 or if there is bad breath or loosening of teeth then active treatment will be required. This consists of the removal of plaque by doing dental services, the cutting back of overgrown gums, the extraction of any loose or severely diseased teeth and polishing. After the treatment by P.G.A where there is no requirement for general anesthetic or sedatives.

Removes Plaque & Tartar

Flush-out Harmful Bacteria

Improve Oral Hygiene

Freshens Your Pet's Health

Sparkling White Teeth

Helps Prevent Disease

Small Medium Large
$ 120 $ 140 $ 160

Pet Dental Cleaning
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