Pet Grooming Instructor

dog grooming instructor

Dog Grooming is not an easy occupation.
It is difficult, hard work which requires a great deal of Patience.

dog grooming instructor

Our Master Instructor has at least 14 years of experience having groomed all breeds, clocking more than 10,000 dogs. Our Master Instructor has participated in T.K.A, T.G.A and K.C.U.A Examination in Taiwan. With strict and tough training from Japan and Taiwan, our instructor specialises in difficult and fanciful styling and scissoring never before seen in Singapore. Rest assured you are well on the road to becoming a successful groomer.

The Instructor is also a recognised Master Grooming Instructor and can conduct lesson at any of the Community Centres by the PEOPLE'S ASSOCIATION.

Inspiration School of Pet Grooming Courses are course-work based, with close supervision of the instructor. Rest assured that lengthy & boring lectures are kept to a minimum. We make sure you have lots of practices to perfect your grooming skills.

Below are a few styling and scissoring examples which require high level of grooming skills. Our instructor can impart these skills to you.

Opportunities After Graduation

Partnership Opportunity
Franchise Opportunity
Work Opportunity
Freelance Jobs Opportunity

Dog Grooming School
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