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C-Class Pet Grooming Course Program

Duration: 45 Lessons (Part Time Available)
Installment Plan: 0% Interest Available

C-Class Pet Grooming Course Outline:

The C-Class Pet Grooming Program is designed for students who would like to concentrate on clipping of common toy breed. Students will concentrate on fundamental pet grooming which includes bathing, brushing, fluff drying, nail clipping & ear cleaning, preparatory clipping, basic scissoring & finishing techniques of dogs & cats. Students will practice creating balance, symmetry, & proper expression, as well as leaning how to avoid creating faults. Students will learn to enhance the beauty of the pet with proper grooming techniques & grooming tools & how to handle the dogs in a way that’s less traumatic for the dogs as well as the groomer.

• Glossary of Terminology (occiput, brisket, pastern, stifle, etc.)
• Behavioral Therapy
• Anatomy & Biology
• Use & Care of Equipment
• Proper Breed Recognition
  (coat types & textures for smooth coats, short coats,
  double coats, long, silky coats, harsh, wiry coats,
  curly wooly coats, corded coats)
• Preparation of Pets for Grooming
• Pet Evaluation
• Dog Grooming Procedure
• Nail Clipping
• Ear Cleaning & Ear Hair Removal
• Brushing & De-matting Technique
• Canine & feline bathing
• Procedural Step to Bathing
  (wetting, lathering, scrubbing, rinsing, conditioning, tub drying) 
(flea bath, medicated bath, coat conditioning)
• Anal Gland Checking
• Blow Drying Techniques
• Parasite Recognition (internal & external)
• Skin Condition Recognition
• Handling Pets
• Problem Pet Handling
• Product Knowledge
• Kennel & Tub Sanitation
• Teeth Care
• Basic Styling for Common Toy Breed
• Clipping of:
  - Terrier Breeds…..Including Schnauzer
  - Parted Breeds…..Including the Maltese & Shih Tzu
  - Also….. Poodle & Pomeranian
• Basic Scissoring & Techniques
• Working on Snap-on Comb Attachments
• Coat Thinning
• Balance & Symmetry
• Popular Breed Styles
  (teddy faces, puppy cuts & schnauzer cuts)
• Clipper & Shaver Finish
• Safety in the Workplace
• Shop Operations
• Grooming Business Management

Dog Grooming Diploma
Dog Grooming Diploma
Diploma Pet Grooming
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