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B-Class Pet Grooming Program

Duration: 30 Lessons (Part Time Available)
Installment Plan: 0% Interest Available

B-Class Pet Grooming Course Outline:

In this Program, students will learn to refine their scissoring skills & enhance the pet's coat. Students will have the ability to work with any kind of breed & hairstyle as request by the client. This program will covers an in-depth segment on the more advanced pattern of poodles which includes Spanish continental, Maiami Sweet Heart, Mink Color Clip & Bandero Clip & preparatory maintenance and treatment for long coat breeds. Upon completion, students need at least 2 years of dog grooming experience to proceed to the A-Class Pet Grooming Program.

• Professional Scissoring & Styling
• Clipping of:
– The Poodle ... An in-depth segment on the more advanced patterns: Maiami Sweet Heart, Borero Sweet Heart, Saddle Sweet Heart, Spanish Continental, Diamond Clip, Mink Color Clip, Bandero Clip & Bolero Bandero Clip.
– Working Group ... Standard Poodle
– Fancy cuts: Hearts, Flower, Mo-hawk, Lion Cut, Marshmallow Cut & Mocomoco Shoes Cut
• 3-D Faces
• Line grooming, wrapping techniques for long coat
• Show Bow Making
• Hair Weaving

Dog Grooming Bachelor

Opportunities After Graduation

Partnership Opportunity
Franchise Opportunity
Work Opportunity
Freelance Jobs Opportunity

Dog Grooming Bachelor Dog Grooming Bachelor
Dog Grooming Bachelor
Dog Grooming Bachelor
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