Pet Grooming Courses

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A-Class Pet Grooming Program

Duration: 30 Lessons (Part Time Available)
Installment Plan: 0% Interest Available

Dog Grooming A-Class Program Outline:

This Program is only for professional pet groomer who has years of working experience & wish to be challenged further. This Program covers an in-depth segment on grooming for show dogs. Besides having the knowledge of individual breed show standard, students will learn how to conduct classes in a structured & well organized manner. This is the highest & most prestigious grooming qualification.

• Styling & Scissoring for Show dogs
• Show grooming poodles, insight & background
• Show Puppy Clip, Second Puppy Clip, Lion Clip, Continental Clip & English Saddle Clip
• Hand Stripping
• Therapeutic Massage

Opportunities After Graduation

Partnership Opportunity
Franchise Opportunity
Work Opportunity
Freelance Jobs Opportunity

Dog Grooming Masters
Dog Grooming MastersDog Grooming Masters
Dog Grooming Masters
Dog Grooming Masters
Dog Grooming Masters
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